Attract Beauty Tips On How To Find A Girlfriend

Scientists, researchers, engineers and many other scholars have come up with theories and formulas that actually simplify so many other processes in life. However I haven’t come across one or a theory that we can follow to find a girlfriend. This is because as humans we are unique beings and though our needs come to a common ground the means and routes they follow are distinctive and exceptional to every individual. I believe the the subject on how to find a girlfriend is familiar to us, we have all it takes. You may be surprised in the following paragraphs on how the very basic simple things can gift you a girlfriend

Probably you are asking yourself where to start from; but for you to ever get a chance to meet someone, some girl for that matter, you have to be around people, it’s that simple. Form a network of people around you that you have something in common. Why people you have things in common? This way it won’t be boring for you and you will be having fun as you wait for that moment. It might not bring a girl your way but it will boost your confidence around people. Meeting a lot of people gives you a chance to have a big pool of people to choose from. Avoid being picky or choosy who you interact with, never despise anyone, the most valuable fortunes are found where we least expect. The poor farmer around the corner may be a father to the most beautiful girl you have ever met.

You need to go out there to make friend not just to find a girlfriend.

Talking to different and many women help you to practice holding conversations with the female gender. Talking to other girls not just the one you are attracted to open the way to learning how women feel and think and react on different occasions. Be nice and kind to people you meet. The network goes beyond imagination, the person you encounter may be the best friend or a relative or a colleague to a girl you are attracted to. This is a communication in a way and though it might tarry, it will reach home at its own set time, be patient and hang on to faith.

Courage is another thing you need in the seek how to find a girl friend. Fear of rejection and humiliation keep many men single and just dreaming about a girl who stirs their feelings. The most mind bothering feeling you will ever torture yourself with is that of feelings not conveyed. When you meet a girl and you find her attractive talk to her, show her your are interested and compliment her genuinely. She may like it, or not like it or even tell you she has a boyfriend, but that is not your problem, you have committed no wrong saying hi and conveying what you feel. What unfolds is unknown; take the risk, if you fail it’s a chance to move on but who knows.

Girls are natural creations that yield better than men to compliments. You have to learn and practice complimenting girls. Not just the one you are attracted to but any girl. This way you will see and appreciate the power of compliments on women and use it to your advantage. It doesn’t have to be something physical it could be her voice, her smile or her angel like gesture. This foster friendship and it shows her you are attentive to detail as far as she is concerned. Do it often, make it a practice especially to a girl you find attractive, it will generate conversation and in a way convey your interests. True appreciation attracts girls to you and from there you can find your attractive one.

You may have noticed that girls are attracted to guys who make them laugh. You need to learn how to make a girl you are attracted to laugh. You don’t have to do magic or be a comic, but being true to yourself, not ashamed of yourself and being lighthearted. A girl who have developed an interest in you as well will enjoy your natural sense of humor even if you are not very funny. It doesn’t mean your target girl have to like it, its her choice, but someone somewhere will; just learn how to have a good sense of humor.

Once you find a girl you really like, you have to create room for her to like you back. You need to create time for her and spend it with her. Take the initiative to ask her out and have some place somewhere you think she may like. It is a small gesture but asking a girl out in person or through a call means a lot to a girl than a text. spare some time, ask and let her talk about herself, show her that you care, be sympathetic when she makes a mistake, learn how to listen when she is communicating and when to talk when she needs to be comforted. Women are emotional creatures and spending time with her will expose her world to you and you will learn how to handle it. Spending time together also gives both of you a chance to know each other better.

It is you sole role as a man to finally break the ice. After all your hassles of talking to her for the very first time, complimenting and spending time with her and finding her even more attractive, it’s your duty to ask her to be your girl friend. You may remain just friends and soon you are put in the friend zone. It is important to gradually and diligently show her you don’t just need a friend in form of a girl, you need a girl friend. You need to break the touching barrier, be playful but avoid being creepy. Take her elbow when walking, guide her though a crowd. This communicates you not just a friend and if she is ready she will be more attracted to you. Take your time before doing anything, learn and understand her before you finally ask her to be your girl. One thing to note here is that you need to react maturely after the answer. Girls at times are shy and might say no or they are not ready yet. Your reaction may mean a lot; it might scare them away or humble them even more.

To be honest the list of activities that would lead to a good explanation on how to find a girlfriend is endless. we can’t exhaust all there is to impress every girl. It is all about knowing what we desire and what needs to be done to get there. Confidence and friend ship are keys in this subject before anything else. You need to be at the right place to see the good as they pass by; you need to go out there where you can find girls. Be nice, practice kindness, be true to yourself, help out, compliment, spend time with them, and for sure you will be attracted to one and definitely someone will be attracted to you. There is always someone out there for you.

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