Approaching Women And Starting Conversations

As someone that hasn’t had a lot of experience with dating or approaching women, you want to start with just saying hi to the lady you are interested in. No matter if you have had time to get to know her or not, you need to be straight forward about this in a situation in which you don’t have time to get to know her.

When you are new to meeting women, the first and most effective approach is to simply walk up to her and say, «Hi. I’m Dave. How are you doing?» As corny as it sounds, it is one of the most effective lines you can use to get a conversation going.

Yet, this method really is only effective when it is done for the beginner.

And, it will limit you. Instead, use this very simple hello method until you have gained enough confidence to do something more. In some cases, you may be put on the spot to keep the conversation going. For that reason, consider some other methods that may help you.

Go For The Non Hello Methods

When you are more confident, you can do a bit more than this. Perhaps there are two girls sitting at a table and you would like to introduce yourself. What could you say that would start a conversation? Here are some ideas.

• Excuse me? I’m Dave. I thought that I knew you from someplace. By any chance do you work…?»

• You two look like you are having a good time. Would you mind if I sat down with you?

• I just noticed how beautiful your smile is. I was hoping that you would share with me what’s making you so happy.

While these are «lines» they shouldn’t just be used. You should look at them as examples, as ways to help you to think about the right words to use to attract the girl that you are interested in. Perhaps one of these methods would work for you.

The goal here is not to memorize lines for every situation, but to learn how to develop those lines.

Be Unique

Every girl that has been to a bar knows that most guys are going to have some cheesy line and that they are likely to be just the same old guy. In fact, some girls will talk to several guys in one night, which means that only those that stand out will get her attention.

What can you do to show off how unique you are? Let’s assume that you have walked up to a girl and introduced yourself. The conversation goes flat…what else is there to say? Why not talk about something strange and unique?

For example, perhaps you can ask her what her dream job would be. Ask her where she would visit if she could go anywhere.

Once you have asked a question like this, you can then keep it going in a variety of different directions. Make sure to insert your opinion too. What’s more you can add humor into these conversations (the more unique they are the better) and really have her enjoying herself.

She will enjoy these topics because they are different from everyone else. And, she will enjoy them because you are keeping the conversation going, just as a leader should be doing. Try to stay on positive safe subjects so that you don’t insult her in some way.

Don’t Go The Boring Route

Men can easily make the mistake of falling for the «where do you work» line. That is, they are running out of things to say and they reach for something that’s even more dull and boring. You can talk about anything with a girl that’s new to you, as long as it is positive and not raunchy.

Whenever you can, try to stay away from these types of questions. They can simply lead to a dead road and show that you are just like everyone else.

Instead of delving into a world of real life situations, talk about light and open topics. Asking her about where she would like to spend her vacation is an open and light subject. Asking her how many vacation days she has, will limit the conversation to boring and dull work or school, which won’t interest her.

What’s more is the fact that you want to leave her on a high note so that she still wants to experience more from you. This means that she’s interested in learning more about you by wanting to give you her phone number.

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